We Love T-Shirts

We love T-Shirts so much, we decided to build a website just to show how much we love them.

We'll search the globe for the finest Tees and display them all on our up coming Novelty T-shirt website.

Dig My Tee is for you too

There are many ideas in the pipeline for our site, and we're working hard to get them all polished and shiny ready for launch.

We want to include you, the T-shirt loving public, in our quest to find the best tees in the World. DigMyTee is to be a place to find t shirts, share your thoughts and maybe even grab some bargains to boot.

DigMyTee is not finished yet

Ok, so we might be getting ahead of ourselves. The site isn't built yet. Obviously, we have this domain name (DigMyTee.co.uk) and we have some hosting, and we have this page and a load of ideas, but do we have a website?

Er.................No, not really.

But we do have the staff, and we do have the know how, and we do have some of a website built already. We're hoping to launch proper on June 1st 2010, so as long as (now) it's before that, we're on schedule.

DigMyTee is nearly finished!

We have a website and all we need to do now is find as many cool T-Shirts as possible ready for opening day. Which, seeing as though you mention it, has been put back until 1st August 2010. We're on (this new) schedule and there's no reason why we won't be ready for this new date.

Check back nearer the date for more information.

Love from: The DigMyTee (not fully employed yet Starting to earn their wages) website team